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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


It's been embarrassingly long since I last blogged! I've got all sorts of things to post but have been out of commission until recently with another pregnancy. (Yay, #4!) Now that I'm finally starting to feel better, I want to share what's been piling up, but now I've got computer difficulties. We recently got a newer computer which came installed with Vista, and while we LOVE how much faster the system moves, I'm thinking Vista must not be compatible with Picasa, which has been my picture program for years. I can't get Picasa to do much of anything, which has put my blogging at a standstill. I've wasted so much time over this, looking up troubleshooting options and forums. I have learned a few things--including that other people have also had issues with Vista and Picasa--but so far no real solutions. If you have any insights for me, I would be grateful to hear them...

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