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Friday, February 17, 2012

Trampoline Jogging (with a Confession)

My sister has been using a mini trampoline (AKA "rebounder") for quite a while to improve her health and well-being. After hearing her talk several times about how much it is helping her, and what her research turned up about all it actually does for the body, I decided to make the investment myself (which actually isn't a very expensive investment). I realized at the end of 2011 that I needed a change in my exercise routine. It just wasn't that fun anymore and I was having a hard time staying motivated. I also felt that I wasn't getting enough of a cardio workout and wanted to do better. Then, too, I had recently realized that my preschool-aged daughter wasn't getting enough exercise during these cold, sometimes lethargic, days of winter, and her nighttime sleep was suffering as a result. But she loves to jump on trampolines. So when I saw an ad for a sale on mini trampolines at a local store, I got excited. I thought this might be the change I was looking for.

It wasn't until later that I remembered my mom daily jogging on a mini trampoline when I was young... Funny how history so often repeats itself.

Now I have been jogging on my tramp about 5 days a week for a couple months and I'm still loving it! I started out at 30 minutes per session and am increasing my time. My sister uses hers to actually jump on, and research I have found indicates that may be the most beneficial way to exercise on a trampoline, because "[the] twice-gravity bounce affects every muscle and cell of the body." But because of my knee problems, I have found that even low impact jumping isn't a good option for me. So I jog. Happily, the above-quoted website says that is great too:

"Rebounding offers an exercise that can be adjusted to your fitness level, is easy on your joints and back, and can be done in your home at your convenience while providing a safe, gentle low-impact workout. Studies show that jogging or rebounding on a trampoline will burn more calories than traditional jogging. Exercising on a trampoline can also strengthen your heart, improve your circulation, stimulate the flow in your lymphatic system, revitalize vision, help slow the effects of aging, reduce stress, and benefit children with learning disabilities and cystic fibrosis."

Wow. This makes me excited all over again. And the website includes 31 ways jogging/rebounding can improve your well-being. It's a pretty awesome list! Number 27 states that "rebounding can curtail fatigue and menstrual discomfort for women." I am hoping that is true for me; it certainly seemed to work this month in both ways, when I pushed through the "blahness" of my first postpartum menses and jogged even though I didn't feel like it. I hope this continues to be the case!

A few days ago I finished the book Born to Run (the book which inspired the Huaraches I mentioned recently), which made me wish again that I were a runner, and also got me thinking how I could use the principles I learned to become more fit while still helping my joints and feet be strong and healthy. Now I think about it every time I jog on my tramp, to try to improve my gait and form--and of course I jog without shoes. has a whole bunch of articles about the benefits of using a rebounder. Another site affirms what I see happening (at long last) as I try to "bounce back" after having my third baby:

"Working out on the trampoline quickly increases the heart rate and causes effective fat burning, stimulation of the lymphatic system, increased oxygen flow as well as improved lung capacity. Regular workouts on the jogging trampoline will effectively deliver a well toned body as well as other benefits of exercising such as reduced stress levels and skeletal strength. All these benefits are delivered with greater safety for leg joints and the spine..."

Finally, we get to my confession: One way I keep tramp-jogging fun, which also motivates me to want to exercise every day, is to watch part of a movie while I do it. My sister tells me she does the same thing, so I know I'm not the only one. Is this cheating? I don't know, but it works!

Thanks, Sis, for instigating this positive exercise change in my life! :)


Carolyn said...

I bought a mini tramp several years ago for my kids to use during the winter months to burn off extra steam. As I recall, it only cost me around 30 dollars from Walmart and has been well worth the investment. I have a few kids that sometimes get really wound up and have trouble focusing on homework or being calm. After they spend some time jumping they are better able to calm down and focus on tasks.
By the way, I think that watch TV while working out is completely OK! Because we don't have cable at home, I have certain shows that I like to watch when I workout at the YMCA. Watching a good show can mean the difference between working out for just a few minutes or 45 minutes!

Katrina said...

Carolyn, I completely agree!

Anonymous said...

I'm well, obese and I have finally made the decision to lose weight. I tried exercising but it really hurt my joints (230 pounds of weight would hurt with jumping jacks) so I've read somewhere that trampoline usage was easy on the joints and I bought one.I only starting last week and already lost 3 pounds while still currently on my period. I'm excited because more weight will come off once my period ends. I do jumping jacks and jog in place. I'm also starting to experiment with using weights as my endurance continues to pick up. Not sure if you care or not but I'll report back in july if using the trampoline still works for me.

Katrina said...

That's wonderful that you're seeing success with a rebounder already! Good luck to you, and please do report back!

Anonymous said...

I've been using a rebounder for over 30 years off and on. Lately I've been using mine to get back in shape and lose the weight i gained while attending college. I even made a stand so I can read on my iPad while jogging. It is great at night if I get home too late to take a walk or jog. I have it out doors where I can hear the crickets, see the stars, and feel the night breeze. ( I live out in the country) . It is still one of the best exercise to use to get back in shape. In 30 days I've lost 11 pounds. And to top it off - its FUN!ienteeksfifteen

Katrina said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing your story.

Unknown said...

I just started rebounding, I am 40 and have a one year old, my body is SO out of wack! I am praying it helps me to loose the weight and give me some energy!

Casey Varnado said...

I just started rebounding, I am 40 and have a one year old, my body is SO out of wack! I am praying it helps me to loose the weight and give me some energy!


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