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Friday, June 20, 2014

Steel Water Bottles

Last year I vowed to myself it would be our family's last summer to drink out of plastic bottles that had sat in the hot car. I know the whole BPA thing is controversial and not everyone thinks it's a big deal, or that there is enough BPA leached into a beverage from a heated bottle to harm anyone. But I always like to be on the safe side. And who knows how much BPA is already lodged in our bodies, after years of exposure to it in so many things around us. Plus, around here where summers easily reach 115 degrees on the hottest days, that makes for a very hot car--and water bottle.

I researched my options and learned that my oldest daughter's metal water bottle was actually aluminum lined with plastic--both potentially toxic. (And really, if you're trying to avoid plastic, what's the point of having a metal bottle that is lined with the stuff?) So I learned quickly that not all metal water bottles are created equal.

In my search for 100% steel water bottles, I found AffirmWater and Klean Kanteen, both available on Amazon. Their prices are similar, so I opted for AffirmWater because I liked the simple, positive messages they carry and I believe in the power of positive thinking. I ended up purchasing five bottles (one for each member of our family), mine being the largest, since I drink the most water. I love that they all had free shipping and came with both types of caps so I didn't have to buy those separately. We know whose is whose by the different words on the outside: Inspired, Gratitude, Love, Peace, and Tread Lightly.

These bottles are heavier than plastic for sure, and much more expensive, but they're very durable, dishwasher safe, and non-toxic. As long as they're not lost, we'll have them for a good long time. And I have peace of mind now: no more BPA--at least, not in our water bottles!

P.S. I also purchased an extra large Klean Kanteen bottle as our extra beverage container for the car, since I didn't see the point of pouring from a plastic container into steel bottles whenever we run out of water on the go...

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