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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fresh Fruit: Good for your Tongue AND your Heart

Truly, is there anything better than fresh fruit, in season? Now that our peach and nectarine season is past (one of my favorite parts of summer), we're into pear season. And oh, are they delectable! 

They're such gorgeous, curvy fruit, especially when they're just beginning to develop a blush. I just couldn't resist doing a photo shoot. :)

Almost too pretty to eat... Almost.

Oh, and then there are the fresh grapes, cantaloupe, other melons, etc. Yum!

If taste and beauty aren't enough, the health benefits of eating fruit should be! A new study from the UK states that when it comes to fruit, "Scientists have found that consuming a portion and a half can lower the chances of suffering the deadly condition [heart disease] by up to 40 per cent. And the more fruit you eat the better--with the benefits increasing as servings grow."

Not only that, but "the researchers also found that people who consumed fruit more often had significantly lower blood pressure."

"This study adds to the growing body of evidence that shows the more fruit and vegetables we eat the better our heart health. Even eating just one more portion a day helped lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, which should give us all that extra incentive." (link)

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