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Monday, April 25, 2011

Compost What?!

Recently I gave my daughter a long-asked-for haircut. Her hair was quite long, but she was ready for a change and wanted it short like one of her friends, so I chopped off several inches (that was a bit scary, I admit). Instead of donating all that hair to Locks of Love, as so many seem to do these days, since I had read this and knew that might not actually be the best way to put it to use, I decided to compost it.

Yes, you can compost hair. It's actually excellent for composting because it's high in nitrogen. And since the birds like our compost pile, I expect some of that hair will end up as nests for a few baby birds this spring, as well. I would rather have it be used to improve something than to be thrown away!

Want to know what other things can be composted? Check out this list of 163 things you can compost. Some of the items may surprise you...

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Meghan said...

I just found your blog! Thats so interesting that you can compost hair. I have a blog and would love if you would check it out!


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