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Monday, June 18, 2012

Protect, Prevent, and Heal with OnGuard

I was already a fan of OnGuard essential oil when I learned about the study done at a hospital in Colorado. The hospital had very high rates of MRSA, which eventually resulted in many fewer patients admitting themselves. In desperation, the hospital allowed a study to be done using OnGuard essential oil. What is so exciting is that as ongoing studies continue to show, this blend of oils actually is effective against this scary and antibiotic-resistant illness!

Not only is it effective, but Jennifer Eddins, SM(ASCP) found that "using 3 drops of OnGuard in 32oz tap water in a spray bottle that was then sprayed and dried on surfaces made the MRSA organism not viable for 7 days." (Link) Seven days--after it has dried! When I first learned that it floored me. This is powerful stuff!

What's in it? Wild Orange, Clove bud, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. It smells delightful, it even tastes good, and since it's pure, it doesn't cause any harmful effects. So it's even safe around (and on) kids--which is why we use it in our nursery at my church, instead of hand sanitizer, before our little children eat snacks. They love how it smells and I love that I don't have to worry about them ingesting any of it.

In addition to being effective against MRSA and an excellent disinfectant, studies are also showing that OnGuard is effective against the flu virus. "Despite antibiotics not being able to treat the influenza
virus, results show On Guard® Protective Blend reducing this virus by up to 90%." (See the article here, which details the procedures of the study--starting on page 4. And this article gets even more specific about OnGuard's effectiveness against influenza.) 

Like the author of this blog, we use OnGuard often in our home, because it also boosts immunity--which shouldn't be a surprise, since clove and cinnamon are some of the most powerful antioxidants. (Example: An ounce of clove oil has the antioxidant capacity of 120 quarts of blueberries. Source.)

How I use OnGuard:
  • Applying it on the bottoms of my children's and my feet when we are sick, threatening to get sick, or have been around someone who is ill.
  • Applying it on the neck when I feel a sore throat coming on, or behind the ears if they start to ache.
  • Ingesting by putting a few drops in a capsule and swallowing it with water. I do this when I feel an illness coming on or just feel like my immune system needs a boost. (This usually nips the pending problem in the bud.)
  • Weekly spraying it on surfaces around my home that need to be disinfected, such as doorknobs, banisters, counters, toilet handles, and garbage cans.
  • Using it as a substitute for hand washing when needed.
  • As an air freshener when needed.
All this and more, for only 13 cents per drop! (See cost comparison here.)

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