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Thursday, June 21, 2012

They're Out!

Last weekend my husband finished the chicken run. Once again, I was so excited for our chickens to have increased freedom. The heat has really turned up here in the last couple weeks and, even though the coop is insulated, I was still a bit worried about how warm they were getting inside. At least they can go back and forth at will now, even if the temperature isn't any cooler outside during the day.

So here is the front view.

And the side view so you can see the run door (which now has a latch). I use this door to throw them scraps.

Once I removed the chicken door grill barricade, it didn't take long at all for them to start investigating. To my surprise, Daisy was first to poke her head out.

 The other two weren't far behind.

But it took a couple minutes for them to decide what came next. As you can see, Red was quite puzzled and cocked her head as she looked around as if to say, "What is this place, anyway?"

Finally, they were completely out into the run and scratching around curiously. This is the most freedom they will ever have, but I think they like the increased room and the option of being in or out. Hooray for my husband, who made this all possible!


jcgk said...

Looks fantastic!! We can't have chickens in our city...Adam is rather put-out :(

Katrina said...

I would be too! I'm sure there are many others there who would like the ordinance changed too, so you should all petition the city council. That's how our zoning was changed here. It took a while, but it happened!

Shennie said...

It looks great!

Betsy said...

Happy to see your adventure! Aren't they such fun and interesting creatures?

Katrina said...

They are! We all love watching them, and the baby gets so excited about getting close and touching them.


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