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Monday, October 8, 2012

Urban Homesteading

Months ago, one of our neighbors took a look at our backyard and the then halfway-built chicken coop and exclaimed, "It looks like a farm back here!" He had no idea what a compliment he was bestowing with that statement, because he was surprised when I thanked him seriously and told him that was kind of what we are working toward.

Gradually, I have come to realize that what we are trying to do with the small space we have is what is now called "Urban Homesteading." Having a chic, green label like that and seeing/reading how many other people in America are also doing this, makes me feel very validated. And excited. For example, check out the video below:

I don't know how, in all my ambles through the internet I never stumbled upon the Dervaes family before. They are so inspiring! As I look through their amazing blog I am struck by what a gorgeous oasis they have made of their small city plot, and still it produces 6,000 pounds of produce annually. So that means beauty doesn't have to be sacrificed to practicality and sustainability! This is especially inspiring when I consider that my small plot of land is actually a bit bigger than theirs, so I should be able to do even more with it. But, I do have to keep reminding myself that their land got this way over a period of 20 years or more, not all at once, so my efforts year by year will eventually add up too...

And I love their slogan, Pathway to Freedom, since that's really what urban homesteading is all about!

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