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Monday, March 4, 2013

Edible Front Yards

There is a movement for front yard gardens that is gaining popularity, acceptance, and excitement throughout the country. I used to not understand this idea, but the more I pour water into my lawn each summer, wasting such a precious resource in my desert climate, the more I realize how much merit this idea actually has. Why give any plant so much water if it doesn't give anything back (in the edible sense)?

So here at the end of winter, when I start my yearly yearning for spring and begin planning my garden, I am learning more about edible landscaping. Since I already have five SFG boxes in front of my house, the next step of creating even more of an edible front yard, isn't too hard to imagine. And I've had many favorable comments about the boxes so far, so I don't think my neighbors would mind more front yard edibles. :)

In my attempts to learn all I can, I am currently reading two books I found at my local library that are giving me lots to think about: Edible Landscaping by Rosalind Creasy, and The Edible Front Yard by Ivette Soler. The photographs are beautiful and inspiring, and my brain is awhirl with possibilities!

Of course, there are also many inspiring website on this topic, such as The Front Yard FarmerDog Island Farm, and--of course-- UrbanHomestead.orgNorthwest Edible Life even explains why you shouldn't rip up your grass before planting edibles. Good information!

I'm not sure how many of these ideas I'll be able to implement this coming spring, but I'm moving in this direction...

I would love to hear your experience and ideas on edible front yards!


Eric said...

Both books are good, I read them both awhile back. We had plenty of backyard space in OR but at our new place in CO we'll have to use the front lawn. It'll have to wait for next year though.

Katrina said...

I'm sure you've got enough on your plate this year! I don't know that we'll expand our front garden this year either, but I've certainly been thinking of future possibilities.


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