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Monday, June 7, 2010

Budget Saver Tip #9: Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is one of those necessities (unless you've become completely green in this area, like one of my cousins) that is a pain to buy. I hate having to buy it because it's not cheap and that means I have less budget money available for other things. But, fortunately, I don't have to buy it often--like maybe every three months or so (when I buy the huge 24 roll packs). I grew up using plain Scott tissue and made the conscious decision to continue using it once I left home, since it is so cost effective.

If you just have to have your soft, cushy, thick toilet paper, then this tip won't be one you want to adopt. But if you're not picky (which my husband and I aren't) and just need something to get the job done--and that will help you save money--Scott is your brand. Why? In a nutshell, each regular roll has 1,000 squares. (Be sure to check the package, though, because Scott also has softer varieties that have fewer squares per roll.) How many squares does yours have? Have you ever checked? Do a price comparison and you will see the difference. I think I replace about one roll per week for our family.


Jenni said...

It is worth noting that we buy the fancy expensive thick stuff as well (charmin is all my husband approves of). Now I do have mostly boys, which is handy, because they don't need TP half the time. But even so, I grew up with the cheap TP, and really balked at switching to the expensive stuff...until I tried it. What I learned is that if you buy the good stuff, you can use less of it. 1ply falls apart, so you have to get a longer piece and fold it up... 2-4ply holds up, so just a couple of squares is sufficient. I buy the big packs also, and yeah, they cost more than the cheap ones, but they last quite a while. I'm sure we're still spending a little more than you, but I'm not sure that it's THAT much more.
Just something to consider! (I have found in a number of areas that getting the higher quality item is worth it because it works better/lasts longer than the cheap one...sometimes overall economic-value is not just the cheapest sticker price!)

Katrina said...

I guess it all depends on how much a person--or a family--uses of either kind. I just know from personal experience that when I had five female roommates and we used the nicer 2-ply variety, we were literally using at least one roll a day. When we used my "cheapo" variety, it lasted two or three times as long.


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