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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MSG and Nitrates

Back in December I wrote a post about my pregnancy aversion to MSG. Over the last few months it has gotten easier to avoid MSG as I have learned about its many hidden forms, gotten in the habit of checking everything I buy, and not ever going out to eat.

About the same time as I figured out that MSG was my problem, I realized that nitrates and nitrites affect me similarly. (Of course, MSG is often included in items that have nitrates, so the two come together a lot.) As long as I stay away from over-processed meats, like lunch meat, sausage, and bacon this sensitivity isn't that difficult to avoid. And now that Hormel makes a few lunch meats without any preservatives, nitrites or nitrates, MSG, or artificial ingredients, I can still enjoy lunch meat on my sandwiches.

The sad thing is, when you really look into the MSG issue, you realize that while most restaurants claim not to have any MSG in their foods, almost all of them do. And you can't ask employees or even the cooks about it, because more than likely they don't know about all the hidden forms.

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