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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Back in 2010 I wrote a post entitled The Barefoot Controversy. Even though I'm not a runner (I wish I were!), due to bad knees, I am still intrigued with the notion of barefoot running--and barefoot everything else. When I wrote the above post, I was just learning about Vibram Fivefingers shoes. Recently I learned about another kind of minimalist running "shoe" that seems to be even better (I seriously may try these out someday) and they're much more affordable. They're  huaraches (Spanish for sandals, pronounced "wah-rah-ches", if you didn't know) made by a company called Invisible Shoes. They even won "Best Huaraches 2011."

On the Invisible Shoes website I also found a link to this very interesting website (by someone at Harvard University) that delves further into the biomechanics of why minimal footwear is good for the feet and the body. If you're interested in more information on this movement that is really growing in popularity, check out the Invisible Shoes website and scroll down to the right-hand side where it says "Barefooting Links."


Jenni said...

For years I've worn very minimalistic leather sandals all summer...but 6 (or now 8) months of the year I have to wear big boots... I'm basically always barefoot indoors of course.
Have you seen the 'barefooting sandals" though? They're not like vibrams or other minimal shoes, they're actually more like an other words, it decorates the top of your foot, but there is still nothing on the sole. I appreciate the desire for some protection under the foot at least in some areas, but the sandals are very cute... we'll be down in the lower 48 this summer, and I'm thinking of barefooting it this summer. It would be a lot of fun I think. :)

Shennie said...

I just looked at the invisible shoe site. So fascinating. If you ever buy a pair I want to hear all about it!

Katrina said...

Shennie: Okay! I was actually thinking of you as I learned about these, since you "love" shoes so much. :)


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