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Monday, April 9, 2012

Improving Traditions

We had an enjoyable Easter Sunday yesterday and our simple, yet joyful celebration got me thinking again about how important traditions are. They help bring families together, make great memories, and provide something for us to look forward to that our children know they can rely on.

I've talked before about improving food traditions to make them more healthful without taking away any of the spirit of celebration. In my family growing up, one of our Easter traditions was candy not being included in our Easter baskets. Even as a child, I felt it was so much more exciting to open up a plastic egg and find earrings or a colorful eraser, than candy that would be gone quickly. I loved all the nick-knacks, the fun little things Mom would fill our baskets with, and I decided I wanted to do the same for my own future children.

Yesterday I discovered--again--that it's even funner to be on this side of the giving! And I think my children would agree that they feel sorry for those other kids who only get candy in their baskets. :)

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