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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Aha" Apples

Ever had one of those "aha" or "I knew it!" moments about something you've already been doing for years? That's what I had a while back about something as simple as cutting an apple.

I had never thought about the way I cut apples until a good friend of mine watched me cutting them for a pie and asked me about it. She wondered why I did it that way and all I could say was that's how my mom taught me to do it, once upon a time.

Much later, my mother informed me that she had watched part of a cooking show where the chef demonstrated our way of cutting apples and said it was the most efficient way to cut them. My mom and I already knew that from experience, but we didn't expect a professional chef to know it! (Well, okay, we didn't really think about it.)

Such a little thing, but I felt validated. And I thought it would be fun to share.

So here is another chef demonstrating this technique (the only thing I don't do is cut off the little end at the beginning):

How to Cut Apples -- powered by ehow


Carolyn said...

I watched the video, and the lady said she was making a pie. But I've never seen an apple pie made with the apple skins still on. Hmm..

Anyway, my kids don't like apple skins so I peal it off quickly with a potato peeler. Then I use one of those apple slicers. Of course, that makes great slices for snacking, but those slices are too big for pies. I'll have to try out that cutting technique for making my next pie!

Katrina said...

That's true: I've never seen a pie made with the skins either, nor are they made with large slices. My kids eat the skins just fine so when I cut them up for snacks I don't take them off. But I do remove the skins for cooking. My husband loves to use an apple slicer, too, but they just slow me down. The way I cut them, though, is basically the same as the apple slicer, it just leaves the core squared instead of rounded.


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