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Monday, May 21, 2012

Yard "Saling"

Last summer I wrote about yard sales as Budget Saver Tip #23 because going "yard saling" has saved our family a lot of money over the years. Now that this season has come around again, I've once again got it on the brain. A couple weekends ago was a great one for yard sales in my town and I scored big! I'm still excited about it. :)

The best thing was finally finding a bike for my 7-year-old. I looked all summer last year, without success, and had almost decided we were going to have to save up for a brand new, expensive bike. But I kept praying and looking, and was finally rewarded by finding a nice one my daughter's size--for $5! What a blessing. All the bikes I've seen for that price at thrift stores and other yard sales over the past year have been rusty pieces of junk. But not this one! The money saved was so worth the long wait! (She did have good scooter to use all last summer.)

Something else I found that weekend yard saling were two shirts for me. One was brand new, the other looked new, and they were Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger brands--for 50 cents each! The only time I have brand name clothing is when I find it like this. But I was tickled more by finding good quality shirts that I really liked than the fact that they were brand name; that was just the icing on the cake.

That weekend I found a few more needed items for great prices, which all culminated in a fabulous start to the yard sale season. So here's wishing us all great success!

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