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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Budget Saver Tip #34: Buying Wheat, Part II

We don't eat as much wheat now as we did back when I started this blog, simply because of Bountiful Baskets and our subsequent increase in eating fruits and vegetables. But wheat is still one of our food staples, so we have no problem rotating it in food storage. In fact, we had recently gotten down to the last 50 lbs or so (which is alarmingly low for us and should theoretically never happen), so my husband made a couple inquiries to find the best deal.  In the past we have generally bought bulk wheat from one of our church's canneries, as I detailed in a post I wrote two years ago, here--the Part I of this Budget Saver Tip. The Church Canneries typically have the best price and we always buy a lot at once, so this has worked out well for us. But last year my husband found out that about once a year or so, IFA (Intermountain Farmers Association) gets in wheat for even cheaper. And it's good, triple-cleaned wheat, too. Now, for those of you not on the western side of the country, IFA isn't an option, but I wonder if there aren't other comparable farm stores in your area...

So now, as you can see from the picture, we have replenished our wheat supply--by 700 lbs. This should last us a little over 2 years and it cost us $19 per 50 lb. bag. That's a 2+ year supply for less than $275! I love it.

For more numbers, check out my post on money saved by home grinding (and home bread making) here.

For more information on how we store our wheat, see this post. (To add to that information, we now have multiple buckets--which we purchased secondhand for a dollar or two at our Wal-Mart bakery--to make things even easier.)

And lastly, for those unsure of the nutritional difference between white and wheat flour, see my post here.

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