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Friday, March 5, 2010

Money Saved by Home Grinding: Budgeting Tip #4

If you are wondering if it would be worth it for your family to make the investment of a wheat grinder, take a look at this site. It breaks down the numbers (from 2007) to show you how much a family of four can save on bread and cereal in a year by cracking and grinding their own wheat to cook these items from scratch. I hadn't done the math myself, so it fascinated me to see it all spelled out like this. And keep in mind that my family spends even less, as the wheat we buy costs a few dollars less than the $15 per 100 lb of wheat quoted here...

At least $2.00 per day for store bought bread
At least 2.00 per day for store bought cereal
At least 4.00 total per day
x30 days
At least $120.00 per month
X12 months or at least $1440.00 per year

By using a mill, you spend only: (figuring wheat at $15.00 per 100 lbs plus eggs, sugar, salt, etc)

$.40 per day for wholesome bread
.15 per day for healthful cereal
.55 per day
X 30 days
$16.50 a month or $198.00 per year

The average savings for bread and cereal alone is over $1200.00 per year!


dan said...

Now I know you're just quoting the article, and a company that SELLS WHEAT GRINDERS has a vested interest in cherry-picking stats to bolster its sales, but I'm going to have to call shenanigans on a family of 4 spending:

$2.00 per day for store bought bread
2.00 per day for store bought cereal

If you're spending $2 per day for bread and cereal, you're not trying very hard.

Our family of 7, half of whom seem to consist solely on peanut butter and jelly, bologna and cheese, and grilled cheese sandwiches goes through 5 loaves of bread a week.

We buy wheat bread for 99 cents at Aldi, but even the expensive breads rarely cost $3/loaf, which is what you'd need to average $2/day.

As for cereal, we are not all huge cereal eaters, and I'm trying to think of people that might not coupon or comparison shop but $2/day is got to be at least 5 boxes a week no matter how you slice it - that's craziness.

I did enjoy your post though, and your blog has definitely gotten me to think about potentially purchasing our own grinder.

Katrina said...

Good point. I guess it depends what your family eats, how old the kids are (so how much they eat), where you live, how hard your family is trying to find good deals regularly (and not everyone is), and what kind(s) of bread and cereal you buy.


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