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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Storing Wheat

A friend of mine asked me about wheat storage and how to prevent bugs. I know there are a lot of people who buy bulk wheat to only sit in their food storage, "just in case." Since they never use it, it is a good thing they store it in sealed, round containers so it is preserved in as good a condition as possible! For my part (and my mother's), we use it so quickly, we have never had to worry about storing it this way. I pour the wheat I will need for a month straight from the bag it came in, into a large plastic, lidded bucket, and scoop out of that to grind it. I have never had a bug problem--and neither has my mom in the 30+ years she has been doing it this way. Of course, I'm sure it helps that the wheat we buy is triple-cleaned and sealed in durable bags.

If you do have a bug problem currently or won't be using your wheat storage very quickly, click here for information on how to deal with these concerns.

If you're wanting to store wheat for a super long time, click here for detailed instructions.

For more interesting and helpful information on "the staff of life" and how to store it, see this site.

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