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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I Love About Having Chickens

Besides the obvious benefit of homegrown eggs (which we've just started getting--I'll write more on that later), I love having chickens because:

1.  They eat our garden veggies that I didn't catch until they were too big to be good for people food. And they go to with gusto! Both of the cucumbers pictured here (yes, cucumbers--I still don't know what kind they are, but they're good) grew to about the size of footballs. Instead of feeling guilty for not seeing them sooner, I just happily picked and threw them to the chickens. And in no time at all the girls had gutted the lower one.

2. (To go along with #1) They have helped us cut down on the amount we throw in the compost pile (which had kind of gotten out of hand) since they eat just about everything.

3. They're pretty creatures and provide interest to our backyard. They're also entertaining to watch when they get into squabbles, decide to take a dust bath, or just scratch and peck around in the dirt.

4. They're social and need to be around each other, which is fun to see. And they come running when one of us goes out there.

5. My children love them! Especially our16-month old.

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Jenni said...

My mom has always had a compost bowl on her kitchen counter. Now there are two bowls there--one for the "chickies" (also called "the ladies" or "the girls") and one for the pile.


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