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Monday, January 28, 2013

My Favorite New Product of 2013

I've wanted an essential oils diffuser for years but never felt like I could fork out the money. I wanted a good one and the only good ones I knew of were delicate and expensive and I just didn't feel good about either.

So last week when a friend told me about an amazing deal going on for the SpaVapor mist diffuser, I got really excited. I looked up the info on this product and thought it might actually be what I'd been looking for, since it's durable and easy to clean. Plus, I liked the idea of dispersing the oils with water, thereby adding moisture to the dry air in our house (especially during the winter) and not having to use half a bottle of oils in one use (like some expensive diffusers). I've long used a humidifier for this purpose, but as it wasn't made for oils usage, after a while the poor machine started to get corroded.

The mist diffuser is listed here for $49.99, but I got it for $20 (plus shipping)--so I ordered two and my total came to $50. You can't beat that! I think this deal goes until May of 2013, but I'm not entirely certain. You can order it here and use the code SpaVapor to see if the discount is still going on. Another option, I noticed, is, where it's listed for around $32 (plus shipping).

I love how well this product works, how durable it really is (and it's BPA free!), how super easy it is to clean, and how wonderful it is to finally have oils dispersing through my home, helping us stay healthy (or get better, depending on the situation). I even love the 6 changing LED lights that are pretty and soothing. (They can be turned off, if you prefer). My kids love the lights too and my girls even insist we put one of the diffusers in their room at night. Once it's filled up, it runs for a few hours before it turns off automatically.

A big thank you to Greenair for creating such a great product!

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