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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

God is Bigger Than...

We have dug into the new year now for a whole month! Many of us made New Year's resolutions...and many of us have lost the vision of them already.

I am one who balks at the prospect of making a resolution just because it's January, because I feel it's important to be regularly making new goals to improve throughout the year. And with each new thing I learn about, study, and eventually write about on this blog comes a sense of responsibility to make the associated changes myself.

If you find yourself needing additional ideas on how to make some of the health changes you've been wanting to--whether they're physical, financial, or emotional/mental--or just need a jump start to get back on track, feel free to peruse my previous articles on this topic. Not that I am an expert, by any means, or have everything perfect myself, because I don't! We're all on this journey together.

One blog I have particularly appreciated lately is Heavenly Homemakers. Last month Laura wrote a post for every day of the month, under the theme "31 Days of Real Food Reality." I love her down-to-earth attitude, her openness about what works in a real family and what doesn't, and her focus on faith throughout this whole health journey. Prayer, she points out, is what makes it all work out, because God will help us if we ask Him.

One of Laura's posts particularly hit home with me, entitled "God is Bigger than a Free Range Chicken." Definitely humorous, but such a good and needed reminder. Sometimes I forget to think about these issues on such a simple (and profound) level. Sometimes I feel guilty about feeding my family things that aren't as healthful as I know they should be, even though quite often the problem is money-related (or the lack thereof). But Laura is so right: "Not able to make a meatloaf with grass fed beef? Raw milk too far outside your budget? Stop feeling guilty. Stop worrying. God knows your desires and your ideals for your family. He will bless your efforts to feed your family nutritious food."

And I love her reassuring words of wisdom: "God is big, bigger, biggest. Take all the complicated details out of the process of switching your kitchen to a real food kitchen, and just focus on going back to the basics – whatever that may look like for you right now."

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