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Friday, February 28, 2014

Wrong Diet Could Cause Premature Aging

A recent news story states that choosing the wrong diet for your body could cause premature aging. To quote: "These studies have revealed that single gene mutations can alter the ability of an organism to utilize a specific diet. In humans, small differences in a person’s genetic makeup that change how well these genes function could explain why certain diets work for some but not others. The findings suggest some people may be genetically predisposed to respond well to different types of popular diets, like the Paleo Diet or Atkins, while other people will see little success."


This study's finding goes right along with my own philosophy about daily diets, which I wrote about nearly two years ago here. I stated that "diets don't work long-term--unless they entail a permanent lifestyle change." That's one thing this blog is dedicated to: Finding and making those permanent changes.

The study also coincides with my belief that "there isn't any one way of eating that is perfect or right for every person. This makes sense to me because there are so many different body types and we all assimilate vitamins and minerals differently." (link)

Because, as I've stated before, when people get serious about improving their health, they must figure out what daily diet makes their bodies feel and perform optimally. Usually this is a gradual learning process that may take years, but it is an enlightening journey and one that can lead to greater happiness and satisfaction. However, the study in the article says that someday soon there may be a blood test to pinpoint what diet will work best for an individual. If accurate, that would certainly take out the guesswork and shorten the length of a person's trial and error period!

And let's remember that it's not about perfection, but about consistent steps forward. :)

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