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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Typical Daily Meal Plan

I suppose for that for some, eating the same thing for breakfast 5-6 days of the week is too boring, and eating a sandwich every day for lunch is too predictable. But my kids love predictability and the variety offered within the parameters of that regularity--ex: choosing what kind of cereal to top their "mush" or what kind of sandwich to eat for lunch. And I love only having to plan one meal a day--dinner.

So here is a typical meal plan for a day:

Breakfast = Mush, milk for beverage

Lunch = Sandwich made of homemade whole wheat bread with choice of toppings (cheese and lunch meat, or peanut butter and honey/jam, or tuna fish, etc), grapes or an apple, juice for beverage.

Dinner = Tortilla Soup and homemade whole wheat breadsticks, milk or water for beverage.

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