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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Typical Grocery Bill

This past week I didn't even reach my $35 limit because there wasn't much on sale that we needed (and I tend to buy more when more is on sale--go figure). So here is what our grocery bill looked like, which is pretty typical:

1 gallon milk - $2.28 (Definitely on the expensive side, but we had completely run out.)
2 lb. cheese - $5.00
16 oz. sour cream - $1.00
2 cans frozen juice concentrate - $2.12
16 oz. package lunch meat - $3.49
small bottle Seasoned Salt (no MSG!--I was so excited to find this) - $1.49
bunch bananas - $0.98
3.49 lb. red grapes - $3.46

Later in the week I picked up a few more items at other stores:

2 gallons milk - $3.78
24 oz. polish sausage - $2.00
syrup - $1.00
tortillas - $1.00
3 small jars jam - $3.00

Bringing my total weekly total to $30.60.


Mommy Bee said...

"1 gallon milk - $2.28 (Definitely on the expensive side)"


Here milk is $3/gal IF it's on sale. Normal price is more like $3.59/gal. I know you know this, but depending what part of the country you live in prices can vary greatly--you may make it on $35/wk but the same simple foods here would probably be $60/wk. I feel pretty good about keeping us fed in the $200/mo range.

Katrina said...

That would definitely have to be taken into consideration. I imagine Alaska is one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S.

Kyle, Amy, and Joshua said...

So, today was shopping day and I thought of your beginning to your blog and found your typical shopping list....oh how I miss days of groceries this inexpensive. I remember them. I did find milk 1.59/gallon though. Happy!!! Cheese...cheapest is 7.99 for two pounds. 1 thing of frozen o.j. was 2.89 (on sale), Jam...I skipped because of the price.... are things lots more expensive where you are now too? Just curious and reminding myself of old days in shopping....I miss them. :)

Katrina said...

Interesting, Amy! Yes, prices on many things have gone up since I posted this 2 years ago. Honestly, it seems like they went up just when we moved here, so some things must be more expensive to ship out here. But the stuff you listed: I can't find milk for as cheap as you got it anymore, so that's definitely happy you did! But surprisingly, I got it yesterday for only 10 cents more than I listed it in my post. Cheese is typically about what you said, but I stock up when it goes on sale (which is often) and don't buy it when it's not. I got it this week for $5.99 for two pounds. OJ I've been getting from WIC, so it's free, but when I do have to buy it, I don't pay that much! Jam...yeah, if you don't want to make your own, try the dollar store (which is probably how I got 3 small jars for $3). They often have good jam there that only has about three ingredients.
Looking at the other stuff on my list, it looks about the same as what I can pay now when things are on sale.
Thanks for pointing this out to me! It helps me gain some perspective...


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