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Monday, July 12, 2010

Neti Pot

About a year ago I started learning about the Neti Pot and became very interested in using one for myself. I suffer from allergy symptoms year-round, thanks to my allergy to dust mites and seasonal pollens. (But note that the Neti Pot is also great for colds.) While living in the Midwest I have experienced surprisingly fewer symptoms than I did out West. But about a week ago the temperature cooled significantly and we left our windows open all night to take advantage of it. Blessedly cool air came in and very effectively cooled our apartment (which will lower our electric bill!), but allergens came in too. And of course this all happened at a time when tree and weed pollen counts were high. Pretty soon I was feeling awful in my sinuses and all my other regular allergy symptoms returned. I was not a happy camper! So in desperation I decided it was finally time to take the Neti Pot plunge. (And since we're moving back out West soon, where my allergies will again be a regular issue, I was planning to purchase one anyway.)

This is the kind I bought and so far I have been very happy with it. I chose it over ceramic (which I would prefer) just because of its better durability, which is currently the most important issue to me, since I don't want it getting broken in our move or if one of our children gets a hold of it. But there are many other styles in metal, ceramic, and plastic.

The verdict? I am sold! It really does make me feel as if I have bathed my sinuses and can finally breathe freely for the first time in a long time. It also relieves the pressure I feel building up in there and cuts down on the postnasal drip and therefore on the resulting sore throats and ears. Using the Neti Pot does take a little getting used to and I recommend starting out slowly, using half of the regular solution at first. Read all the instructions, take things slowly, and concentrate on breathing through your mouth rhythmically while the solution makes its way through. When you are finished it just feels so good!


Carolyn said...

I'm glad it's working for you. :)

Mommy Bee said...

Dave took the plunge two years ago when we went to utah in the summer (after being used to the gentler climate of southern alaska) and he was sold the first time he used. I have always hated water in my nose so I suffered through and didn't try it until last summer (when we were again in utah)...and oh wow, I wish I had tried it sooner!!! Yes, it takes a little getting used to...but WOW it is so effective! And especially when pregnant/nursing (well, anytime) I feel so much better about using a neti pot than taking a sudafed!!

Katrina said...

Definitely! I avoid medication as much as I can, so I love that the neti pot is all natural and has no negative side effects.

Denae said...

I started using a Neti Pot in the last six months or so. To me, it's just uncomfortable in the first 3 seconds or so, but then the feeling subsides and I can handle the rest of the treatment.


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