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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Budget Saver Tip #23: Yard Sales and Freecycle

If you've never gotten into the "yard saling craze" you're really missing out. It's kind of like going on a treasure hunt: sometimes you find exactly what you're looking for and the extremely low price you pay for it just makes your week! Other times, you're not so lucky; but over time you can really save a lot of money and, if you're patient, find what you need. And you'd be surprised what nice stuff you can find at yard sales, too--it's not all junk.

This is the time of year I can really hit yard sales with a vengeance. I have many items to look for this summer (like a larger kitchen table and bikes and other outside toys for my kids), so I'm hopeful that I'll find at least a few of them before the summer is over. A couple weeks ago I found a red wagon for my girls--something they've been wanting for a while--and they're still excited about it.

Along these same lines, I just found out about a service called Freecycle, where everything is given away free. It's an effort to bring communities together and keep gently used items from landfills. You may have already heard of it, but it's all new to me. Since I live in a small, rural town I figured this service hadn't been started here yet, so I was thrilled to discover that it's actually been going here for four years! So I joined my local group. We'll see if I'm able to pick up some of the items on my list this way, as well as give away items I no longer need to people who can use and appreciate them. What a wonderful way to reuse resources and conserve the earth!

Here's a short video clip about Freecyle, for those who are interested in learning more and possibly starting a group in your area:

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