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Thursday, June 6, 2013

No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies (Sweetened with Honey)

After a friend of ours brought us these twice, I had to get the recipe. I've never been big "into" no-bake cookies, but these are wonderful! I did end up cutting down the honey a bit, since they were a little too sweet for me, and my family still loved them. They really hit the spot when I'm wanting something sweet and rich but without refined sugar.

Honey-Sweetened No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies

1/2 c. butter
1/2 c. baking cocoa
1 1/2 c. honey
1 c. peanut butter (we use Adam's, which is all natural and has no sugar)
2 tsp. vanilla
6 c. oats

Melt butter in saucepan and add cocoa and honey. Heat, while stirring, until smooth. Allow to cool a bit.

Add peanut butter, vanilla, and oats, and mix well.

Pour into 9 x 11 and form until smooth. Chill in freezer.

Note: My friend likes to freeze, then cut and bag them, and keep them in the freezer.


Adrienne said...

Just made this recipe today. Delicious!

Katrina said...

Isn't it, though? Yum!

Adrienne said...

I actually ran out of honey, so I ended up with about 1/4 cup of maple syrup, and really loved the depth that it added to the recipe. You're my hero.

Katrina said...

Wow, that sounds amazing! Good idea. Wish I had some real maple syrup sitting around, too.

Angela said...

Just made this. Nom nom! Love it! It's going in my recipes!

Katrina said...



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