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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ham and Lima Bean Soup

This one of my favorite bean soups and is absolutely to-die-for when made with ham bone broth. The broth is so tasty, as is, you probably won't even need to add salt!

Ham and Lima Bean Soup

Cover ham bone (trimmed of meat and fat) with water and simmer continuously in crock pot for a couple days. When marrow liquefies and bone becomes soft, you know you've successfully created a good broth.

Pour enough of this broth into another pot to make the amount of soup you want--or pour out the amount you don't want into another container for later use and cook your soup in the crock pot.

Add desired amounts of prepared dry lima beans and/or navy beans and/or great northern beans, diced onion, and any other desired vegetables.

Add diced ham just before serving time, with only enough time to heat up. (If the meat is cooked for a long time, the flavor is leached out into the soup, leaving the meat itself flavorless and chewy.)


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