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Monday, May 10, 2010

Vegetable Casserole

The best thing about this recipe, besides that it is delicious and healthy, is its versatility, as you will see by the lack of specific measurements and vegetable types...

Vegetable Casserole

Use whatever vegetables you have and whatever amount you want it to end up to be.
Cook the vegetables in MSG-free bullion water (or, preferably, bone broth).
Once cooked, use the water off them in the white sauce.

White Sauce: (May need to half this depending on the amount of vegetables.)
Melt one square of butter.
Add 1 c. flour, stir well.
Slowly add the liquid from the vegetables, stirring smooth after each addition. If needed, thin with milk after the bullion/broth is stirred in.
Salt and pepper to taste.

Can be served straight from the pot, or poured into casserole dish and kept warm in oven. Can add a breadcrumb topping, cheese, etc (but is good simply as is).

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