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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Oiling of America

A few years ago a friend of my mom's introduced her to an online article, which completely changed her view of fats. That was something quite remarkable, since my ever-health-conscious mother had always done everything low fat she possibly could, and up to that point had raised us all with margarine and very little animal fats. She urged me to read the article as well, which I did, and it amazed me. (I mentioned it briefly here.) It took all the "facts" we had been fed by health experts and turned them on their heads, and forced me to really think about the whole concept.

Since then, that obscure article has grown into a non-profit charity called The Weston A. Price Foundation with a multitude of topics ranging from the importance of natural animal products, to how dietary guidelines should be, to the truth behind heart disease. I have quoted from it several times before and will continue to use it as an important resource because I keep finding how much sense it makes! If you have any interest in these topics at all, I urge you to take a look too.


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