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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Butter vs. Margarine

When I read this article a few years ago I started seriously considering eliminating margarine from our diet, but not until we moved a couple years ago did I make that fresh start. Now I would never go back. (By the way, the above article is not light reading and is very long, but it is very interesting and informative.) Of course, this information has its refuters--not surprisingly, many of them connected to the National Association of Margarine Manufacturers--but I've decided that like so many other practical things, it just makes sense to get back to the natural food source, to products with fewer ingredients. And Michael Pollan agrees with me. After all, for how many hundreds of years have people been making and eating butter? And margarine has been around for less than 100 years.

Many of us have received an infamous email about margarine vs. butter--at least once. Go here to find out the truth behind that email.

Isn't the switch expensive? some will ask.

It can be. But if you do it like I do and stock up during the sales that come pretty often (and then store it in the freezer), it's not too much more expensive than margarine. And it tastes so much better, as do the items you cook and bake with it!

It's just another of those little things I can do to help my family eat healthier.


Brandi (Maxfield) Morstad said...

I'll have to read your article, but I agree that butter is way better tasting and more healthy than margarine. I've been eating butter for several years now.

Eric and Jessi said...

After eating butter for years I acidentally bought margarine once and it tasted so gross on our toast that we actually threw it away.


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