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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Budget Saver Tip #19: Dryer Sheets

A couple years ago I quit using disposable dryer sheets altogether. One of my reasons for doing so was simply their smell, since I am so sensitive to artificial scents. Linked to this was knowing how many chemicals they contain, and the fact that those chemicals often build up inside the dryer and create a fire hazard. I also liked the idea of not having to ever add dryer sheets to my purchase list. There are a few alternative options out there, including adding white vinegar to your wash loads, since it is a natural fabric softener. But my favorite option has been these:

I found mine at a local health food store, but I imagine they are a little more available now. For example, here and here.

While they won't save you a ton of money over the disposable variety, they will save you about twice as much, and they are infinitely more green.

Here is one site's price comparison.


Carolyn said...

Several years ago, Dan got a huge deal on dryer sheets and we had so many stock piled in our basement that we didn't buy any for a long time. But one day, they ran out and we just didn't buy them any more.

Static is sometimes annoying, but we really don't notice any real difference in our those without dryer sheets. We save money by not using them at all. :-)

Katrina said...

I did that for a while, too, and was fine with it, but after a while all the little baby socks, adult underwear, and burp cloths sticking together all the time got to me. :)

Brandi M said...

that's a great idea. Also, I wrote a blog about making your own dryer sheets here: I know that you don't like the chemicals so my blog does no good to you (although there is a suggestion using vinegar). But I thought your readers may be interested in other alternatives.


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