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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Many Benefits of RRL

Several months ago I did a post on Red Raspberry Leaf (RRL) and told you how it had helped my last pregnancy and delivery and how I was then taking it to aid my fertility. Since I am now in the second trimester of my fourth pregnancy (one ended in miscarriage) I have been re-reading the information on Red Raspberry Leaf and re-committing myself to drinking my daily RRL tea--in the right amount for this stage of my pregnancy. And it amazes me all over again how many benefits this herb provides! It is no wonder that so many women add it to their daily health regimen and why it is now even being recommended by many regular OB/GYNs (and not just CNMs). Here is my previous post with a basic list of the many health benefits of RRL and links to direct you to more complete information.

1 comment:

Kyle, Amy, and Joshua said...

Thank you! I've been thinking about RRL and wanting to get the info from you again so I can start using it too and hopefully it'll HELP A LOT this go around! Thanks for this timely!


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