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Monday, February 21, 2011

One Year Anniversary

February 2011 marks this blog's one year anniversary. In some ways it's hard to believe it has only been a year, since so much has changed in my family's life in that time--and also because I have learned so much. Keeping up Katrina's Kitchen somehow makes me accountable and motivates me to continue making healthy changes as I become more and more educated in all sorts of health topics (as well as budgeting). It is a bonus that many of you have been able to benefit from what I learn, too, and are also making healthy changes for your families.

Since CSN Stores has again offered me the opportunity to do a product review, I have decided to do it in connection with this one year anniversary. If you have followed Katrina's Kitchen for any length of time, you are somewhat familiar with all that CSN's 200+ websites have to offer. Their selection is seemingly endless! They have flat panel TV stands and other furniture and decor, accessories for bed and bath, light fixtures, everything for the kitchen, and even childrens' items like strollers. Whenever we're in need of something that I know I can't find locally, or that I simply want to compare prices on, I now check to see what I can find...and try not to get lost in the browsing. :)

I'm excited to make another order and write a product review on what I receive!


Carolyn said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about your review. And congratulations on your one year anniversary!

Katrina said...

Thanks! It's been fun having you there all along the way.

Raeofshine77 said...

I'm so impressed by your blog and I've really enjoyed the great budgeting tips and recipes:) Keep up the great work!!


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