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Friday, February 11, 2011

Spring Fever

In my little corner of the universe it has been exceptionally cold this winter--but then, it always is here. There are two places in my state that always have the coldest temperatures and we live in one of them. In fact, it hasn't broken freezing for so long I can't even remember. Daytime temps in the 20s feel warm now, and overnight temperatures in the negatives are pretty common (we've also had our share of negative daytime temps). Because of all of the above, the two snowstorms that dumped on us a couple months ago haven't had the chance to melt.

Winter is not my favorite season (in case you couldn't tell), but as I look out at my white yard I am already imagining what I will do to it in the spring.

Spring fever? I believe so. But it's not just an itching that gets under my skin, it's a motivator to help me envision and plan for the future. (And I'd really better do it now anyway, since our baby will be born just before planting time and I'm sure I won't have the clarity of mind to do it then!) So, as part of this joyful planning (and it is so much fun!), I have ordered a free Gurney's catalog to better understand my options. (If you are interested in ordering a free catalog also, click on the above link to go to their homepage.)

I have also started asking local gardeners specific questions, since this will be my first time to plant here in our new town and I need all the tips I can get. And I'm perusing my copy of Mel Bartholemew's book on Square Foot Gardening. (Also see the SFG website for lots of info and answers to your questions.)

Man, I just want to get out there and start working! How about you?

Any other fellow gardeners have books, websites, etc that are your go-to's?


Carolyn said...

I need some good gardening websites and book ideas too! We did our first square foot garden last year and we sure learned a lot. We'll have to made some adjustments this year. I'm also quite tired of winter, my least favorite season. But it hasn't been as cold here as it is there! For me, even spring isn't quite good enough. I want to say goodbye to the coats. I want to go outside and feel the warm sun on my skin. I can't wait!

Rob & Emily Willardson Family said...

Just so you know on the 26th, Bro Kitchen will be doing a class on how to prepare your soil (for our area) at the Stake Preparedness Fair. It's one I don't want to miss, he is amazing (like the rest of the family :))!

Katrina said...

Thanks for the info! We were already planning to go, even without realizing he'd be doing a class, but now I'm excited! I've been storing up a few questions for him.

Eric Miller said...

I like the gardening section of "Urban Homestead - Gardening in the Heart of the City". They have a 'non-invasive' approach to soil prep and building (i.e. building through mulching, not tilling). They also have some good ideas on projects that are low-cost.

Also check out the Vernal library. Here in Redmond I found a little pamphlet that someone put together on gardening in central Oregon. It gave an overview of average planting dates and went into varieties that do well here. Perhaps there is something for Vernal?

I've also read some good things in "The Backyard Homestead" on different planting techniques for different varieties of fruits and veggies.

I also recommend the local nursery. I've talked with one here and the amount of knowledge available there astounded me.

Katrina said...

Those are all good ideas, Eric, thank you!


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