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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Essential Oils for Allergies

A while back I learned of an allergy remedy using essential oils taken internally, and have been using it this summer. My allergies don't get as bad as many peoples, but they are still annoying, so I was happy to discover that this "recipe" works for me. My neti pot is also very effective in reducing my symptoms, as I have mentioned a few times before, but sometimes I need something more. So here it is:

In an empty capsule, take 2 drops each of lemon, lavender, and peppermint CPTG essential oils. After a few moments, I feel the capsule release inside my system, and a slight coolness spreads upward and opens up my sinuses and clears my head. And it lasts. Without antihistamines or side effects. --Oh, except for the side effect of amazing breath, thanks to the peppermint. :)

If you're interested in reading more about essential oil remedies for allergies, check out this site.

Or see this video of a regular mom, to learn more about the different ways essential oils can be used to help children (and adults) in your family deal with allergies.

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