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Friday, August 27, 2010

Are Store-Bought Eggs Pasteurized?

As noted in my ice cream recipe, I always make sure the eggs in my recipes are thoroughly cooked and/or pasteurized. I know the risk of salmonella is pretty low, but I've been in the habit ever since I was young and my mom stopped letting us eat homemade raw cookie dough (sad day). But thanks to a comment I received, I decided I'd better look into the facts and find out if store-bought eggs are actually pasteurized.

Verdict? They're not. See the sites below for more information.

And here's an excellent website with more instructions on how to pasteurize the eggs in your recipes (in case you make sauces or other foods that call for raw eggs).

Of course, if you buy items such as cookie dough, eggnog, or hollandaise sauce from the store, the eggs in them are pasteurized.

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Brandi M said...

oh interesting. I never knew that... thanks for sharing!


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