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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Most Bestest Ice Cream

...So said my grammar-conscious mom, so I knew this recipe would be good! I'd been hearing about it for months and was finally able to make it recently for my husband's birthday. It is superbly delicious, but eating it also doesn't make us feel the way eating other ice cream does. And even though we've eaten more of it in one sitting than we probably should (it's undoubtedly high in fat--but hey, no preservatives or artificial anything!), we haven't gotten a sugar high/crash or felt yucky. One reason, I believe, is because of the use of raw sugar instead of refined sugar. (Note: For strawberry ice cream we added 4 c. strawberries, blended down to 2 c. and added it last. I'm sure any other additions for other flavors could be done similarly.)

The Most Bestest Ice Cream
for 4 quart ice cream maker

5 beaten eggs
1 can evaporated milk
1 pint whipping cream (not to be confused with whipped cream!)
2 1/2 to 2 3/4 c. raw sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
2 Tb. vanilla
Whole milk

In large pan, mix whipping cream and evaporated milk with beaten eggs. Add whole milk until at least twice as much milk as eggs.

Heat on stove to scalding, mixing constantly. This must be watched carefully so the eggs are pasteurized but not cooked. In other words, heat it just before boiling--or until it's almost too hot to quickly test your finger in it. If you start seeing little congealed balls in your mix, you know the egg is starting to cook, so take it off the heat immediately! (If you do catch this a little late, just strain out the tiny cooked bits.)

Take off heat, add sugar, stir till dissolved.

Add salt and vanilla.

Place in fridge overnight (or until completely chilled), covered.

The next day, when you're ready to make the ice cream, pour mixture into maker's container and add whole milk until up to the line (or leave room for any flavor additions you've prepared and add them).

Work ice cream maker as per instructions.


Mommy Bee said...

If you buy regular eggs from a grocery store they are already pasteurized, so says my WIC lady. Just FYI!!
If you get farm fresh eggs, there would be no need to pasteurize... so I never do it either way. :)

PS--I posted my carrot gingerbread muffin recipe today

Katrina said...

Hmmm...I wonder what the facts are on that. I'll have to look them up. My family quit eating cookie dough years ago after all the salmonella outbreaks traced to raw eggs. And my carton of eggs always says to cook them thoroughly to avoid illness from bacteria.


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