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Monday, August 30, 2010

Exercise Videos

"The only way to maintain good health is by exercising consistently."

-Leslie Sansone

Having always been a health-conscious person, and having my mother's excellent example of daily exercise, I knew at a young age that it was important to exercise every day. As long as I was enrolled in a clogging class and practiced my dances every day, this was no problem. But I eventually outgrew that class and, as time passed and I tried different exercise programs for several years off and on, I could never maintain anything long term. (Besides power walking from one end of my college campus to the other, in order to get to classes on time!)

I have never been sports-oriented, so that was out. And I tried jogging for a while, but was miserable doing so because I lack sufficient cartilage in my knees and can't run far or long as a result, or do a lot of deep squats. So that removes a few more exercise options for me. There is still plenty I can do, but it took a while before I found what I can do consistently--and enjoy.

For me, exercise videos are the perfect answer to all the obstacles I had with other exercise options (not necessarily in order of importance) because:

1) I don't have to exercise at any particular time (though if I don't do it in the morning it usually doesn't happen).
2) I don't have to rely on anyone else who might cancel on me (or be late).
3) I can exercise in my pajamas!
4) I don't have to get my children ready to go out, or take them anywhere.
5) I don't have to feel self-conscious about trying anything new or difficult, because no one is watching!
6) I enjoy it.
7) I feel better, emotionally and physically, and can tell I'm healthier and have more energy, endurance, and flexibility for other areas of my life (such as all the lifting of carseats, strollers, and kids, etc). I am convinced this is also another reason why my second labor and delivery experience was so much better than the first. (I have a few prenatal and postpartum exercise DVDs as well.)

To be continued...

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