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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Everything You Want to Know About Being Self-Sufficient

One of my cousins reminded me about this book a little while ago, by Carla Emery. It is her favorite book ever, and since she now lives on several acres of land, she's able to put into practice many of the things she has learned from it. I checked it out from the library and have decided I want my own copy. It's such a valuable resource!

While we have just a regular sized yard and therefore can't even have a cow (*sigh*), and while I don't have any desire to completely "rough it" (there's information in here about how to do that too), there are lots of fascinating things to learn about becoming more self-sufficient and living greener. And those are things we can all use!

This book has it all, from growing your own grains to making your own jerky to raising all types of animals. It also has lots of cool recipes for cooking naturally and from scratch. I can't get over what a wealth of information it is!

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