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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Favorite New Product of 2012 (so far)

I wanted to include this in my Budget Saver Tips, but depending on how much deodorant you use, it may not actually save you money. Sometimes other things take precedence, though--like health. Since I have always bought my deodorants for around a dollar apiece, paying nine dollars (online price) for this baby seems like an awful lot (though my mom picked ours up for six-fifty). However, they are guaranteed to last a year. And I've heard of some people's lasting several years. So it may be a budget saver after all!

Even cooler than lasting a long time is the fact that this is no ordinary deodorant. For years I've been concerned about using regular deodorant, which contains aluminum chlorhydrates and/or zirconium, because I know heavy metals aren't good for our bodies.  And the whole idea of blocking something that our body was built to do for a reason didn't seem natural to me either. But, other than going without (which is not an option) or using baking soda (not a pleasant thought), I didn't think I had a choice. Now, thanks to my brother, I know I do.

My sixteen-year-old brother asked his doctor several months ago if there was anything he could do to reduce his body order, other than showering and using deodorant regularly, which he was already doing. He was very frustrated, and I don't blame him. (I was also impressed he would even notice; many boys his age don't.) The doctor recommended he try a mineral salt stick in place of his deodorant, and my mom ended up getting one each for him, my dad, and herself. Now they're all fans of it and my husband and I are too.

I've read reviews of a similar product that say that some people experience a two-week "breakthrough" period during which the the crystal doesn't seem to work well for them because their body is detoxing. But once that flushing out of toxins ends, there is no odor anymore. I experienced some of that detoxing, but now, even after my cardio workout, I don't smell. Amazing!

I love that the crystal stick is

  • 100% natural, with no chemicals or synthetic products added, and
  • hypoallergenic.
The reason it works is because, as their website states: 

"Crystalux deodorants simply adjust the skin's pH level to stop odor causing bacteria before they multiply on the skin's surface. Other deodorants may temporarily mask body odor or clog pores by stopping the natural sweating process."

I feel a lot better about using this than that chemical-laden, perfumed stuff I used to use! In fact, I feel so good about it that it is my favorite new product of the year so far.


iceburgindian said...

Hey, where's my stick?

Katrina said...

Hmmm, I'm thinking Mom might actually have gotten you one, but I guess she still has it.

Miranda-Jayne said...

Yeah! I've tried other all natural deodorants before, but haven't liked them because of weird scents (apricot + sweat = gross ;) I'll have to give this a try. I found it online at for $4.92 for the same size. That's less than 50 cents/month!

Katrina said...

Wonderful! My mom got ours at an actual store, so she didn't have to pay for shipping. How much does iHerb charge for shipping?

Miranda-Jayne said...

I'm not sure....I'll let you know when I finish my current one and order it!

Shennie said...

My husband is allergic to aluminum. We're going to give this a try. Thanks for posting.

Katrina said...

Oh wow! I guess that's a good thing to be allergic to, since it's not good for the body anyway. What has he been using?


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