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Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Anniversary

The end of February marks the end of my blog's anniversary month. I can't believe it's actually been two whole years since I began this adventure!

For those who may have joined us later on, here is my very first post, and here is the post from my first year anniversary.

In the latter, I wrote: "Keeping up Katrina's Kitchen somehow makes me accountable and motivates me to continue making healthy changes as I become more and more educated in all sorts of health topics (as well as budgeting). It is a bonus that many of you have been able to benefit from what I learn, too, and are also making healthy changes for your families." This still holds true and I just wanted to say thank you again to those of you who have contributed to this venture with your comments, recipes, questions, suggestions, and encouragement.

May the year 2012 prove to be a healthy and educational year as we all continue to change and improve!


Carolyn said...

Thanks for keeping up your blog. I enjoy it!

Katrina said...

Thank YOU, Carolyn, for being a regular and offering your input. :)


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