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Friday, March 30, 2012

New Arrivals

We finally got them!

We've wanted chickens for a couple years, have been planning for them since we moved back out west, and now that our zoning laws are changing to allow them, we've finally started our chicken-owning journey. We're all pretty excited about that, even the baby, who loves to watch them. :)

Originally I thought we'd wait to get chicks till our coop was completed, but as I read up more on the topic, I realized that since they have to be kept warm inside for at least a few weeks anyway, and they typically start laying around 5 months old, we wouldn't be doing ourselves any favors by waiting. (My goal is to really dig into building the coop during spring break.)

We have had opportunities to receive laying hens for free, but I really wanted to do this journey from the ground up. I want my children to see the whole process from the beginning and to develop a relationship with these cuties when they are so soft, little, and non-intimidating. And I've fallen for them too. It is so fun to discover the chicks' different personalities and to watch them grow--which they have already done a lot of in less than a week!

The two pictured above are Buff Orpington (left) and Rhode Island Red (right), and as soon as the store gets Silver-Laced Wyandotte back in, we'll have one of those too. All three are breeds that are known for their good, consistent laying; friendly, mild natures; and cold-tolerance (a must for our winters). I would love to have more, but three should provide plenty of eggs for our family for now.

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