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Thursday, March 11, 2010


When one of my uncles found out about this site, he wrote me the following. Another testimonial that it is possible to spend very little on groceries and eat healthily at the same time...

"We are able to feed all 7 of us on $40.00 a week. (Now this isn’t exactly accurate for either of us because we depend so heavily on our existing dry-goods food storage such as wheat, wheat, and oh, did I say wheat?) Also, we use a lot of oats, brown rice, beans, lentils, split peas, etc. Also, we augment a lot with our garden produce, especially things that store (potatoes, carrots and other root veggies) plus herbs that we freeze such as basil and cilantro. [My wife] processes lots of tomatoes, jams, and juices. So these things that we already have on hand we don’t count in our $40.00 a week."

He brings up another passion/interest/hobby of mine: gardening. One of my deepest desires is that we one day have a good garden again, for health, food storage, budgeting, and pleasure reasons. There's nothing quite like getting your hands in the dirt and growing your own food!


Jeff and Natalie Perez said...

Last year I did my first garden and something about gardening is good for the soul. It was so calming to go out and pull weeds and watch my produce grow.

Sheena said...

I love your blog and your ideas! Thanks for sharing! I am also really excited to have a garden someday. This summer, I plan to do some vegetables in containers on our front porch. Do you have any experience with this?

Also, what kind of wheat grinder do you have? My e-mail is


Katrina said...

Check out this site to learn more about my preferred method of gardening: It's so practical and it really works!
(P.S. Sheena, I sent you an email.)


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