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Monday, June 13, 2011

Freecycle Revisited

Not long ago I posted here about Freecycle. I have now had almost two weeks of experience with it and wanted to report because I'm so pleased with it. And let me say, I've been amazed by how quickly items are claimed; so the group is alive and well!

Last night I claimed my first item. It's one of those Genie Diaper Disposal Systems, basically brand new, I just had to wash it off (which I would've done anyway, of course). That saved me about $36 (the going price at my local Wal-Mart). It's such a good feeling to get a quality item for free!

Today I posted my first offer: a few bags of used clothing that my family needs to pass on. I look forward to getting that same good feeling--in reverse this time--when someone claims my offer. Maybe it will feel even better to be on the giving end; it usually does.

Sharing really isn't overrated...


Judy said...

I have also used freecycle quite a bit and have gotten a barely used really nice crib for my grandson when he was little and a really nice barely used carseat. I have given back also with clothes, a full size bed, furniture. I just love freecycle.

Judy Lynch

Katrina said...

Awesome, Judy!


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