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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Popsicle Alternative

This time of year my girls get excited about popsicles (what little kid doesn't?) as they see them in stores everywhere. Since we generally try to avoid sugar at our house, I opted for homemade sugarless popsicles, which I remember loving as a little kid.

So I bought some popsicle molds, made a smoothie (with strawberries, mango, yogurt, fruit juice, and a little honey), froze them, and wa-lah! My girls were so excited and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It's so easy to do, versatile (you have so many different options), and healthy too.


Melinda said...

I remember my mom freezing orange juice and apple juice for popsicles. And oddly enough, I LOVED to just freeze water and have popsicle shaped ice cubes on a stick to suck on. I guess I've always preferred my water as cold as possible! lol

BTW I just found your blog via the bountiful baskets recipe facebook page, thanks for putting this all out there, I am really anxious to try the carrot pancakes because I LOVE carrot cake.

Katrina said...

I think my kids would like just frozen juice for popsicles too. I'll have to try it.

Glad you find my link on the BB FB page! Let me know what you think of the pancakes... :)


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