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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Power of Health Education

My husband's cousin and her husband are heading to Uganda in several days to do service work there, and they have quite an agenda of things they want to teach the people, to help improve the quality of their lives. This is the sort of cause I have always been inspired by and dream of doing myself someday. The only possible setback for these good people (and many others, I'm sure) is lack of funding. They are asking for donations from those who can, to help them help others, through HELP International. (See above link for more information.)

Something that is particularly important to my husband's cousin is empowering women. As part of this she wants to teach feminine hygiene to Ugandan women to help improve their health, well being, education, and income. If you're not sure (as I wasn't) how improved feminine hygiene can lead to all those things, check out her blog post here. We take so many things for granted here in the United States, not the least of which is sanitary pads. We also don't think much about our basic knowledge of how to take care of ourselves during our monthly cycles. But when you read the above post and consider how the absence of both these things might affect your life (if you're a woman) or the life of a woman you love (if you're a man), it certainly gives pause.

Education on any aspect of health can definitely be empowering!

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