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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Budget Saver Tip #29: Scrubbers

When we have hard, crusty food stuck to our dishes, I like to use Scotch-Brite no scratch pads to get them ready for the dishwasher. I've tried several different kinds of scrubbers over the years and these are what I've settled on as my favorite. (Too bad I'm not paid for endorsing products, right?) I like these because they do the job without scratching my dishes and they're very durable. When the pads get too gross to clean off under the faucet, I put them in the dishwasher and they clean off really well. And they're large enough that I only need half a pad, so I cut them in half before use. Each half pad lasts me for a few months, so even though there are only three pads per pack, I only have to buy a new pack once a year or so. Therefore, the cost for scouring pads for our family per year is negligible. Everyone likes different products, of course, but this--about 40 cents per half pad per three months or so--is what works for me.

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