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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another Favorite Product of 2013

I'm still not being paid anything to recommend products to my readers (*hint, hint*), but I still feel the urge to share things with you that I love and that have helped my family live healthier.  OnGuard drops are one of them. These little brown "cough drops" are amazing! We've been using them for a while now, but not until this year have they become a product I try to make sure we never run out of.

OnGuard drops have everything I've always looked for in a throat/cough drop: deeply soothing to sore throats, truly effective against coughs, full of ingredients that boost the immune system, and no fully refined sugar. These babies are sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice and organic brown rice syrup, plus there are no artificial flavors or colors added. And with the OnGuard essential oil blend (probably my favorite oil) permeating each drop, they are wonderfully delicious. Plus, I honestly feel better while I'm sucking one--I can really feel those powerful antioxidants working.

My husband has used these during colds when he couldn't go to sleep at night because of persistent coughing. He found that if he would go to bed with an OnGuard drop in his mouth, his coughs were soothed and he could sleep all night. Trying this with other types of cough drops didn't work for him. As for sore throats, I don't want to use any other kind of drop anymore because these are the only ones that actually numb the pain and help me feel better.

One caveat, for those on a budget (like me): OnGuard drops are way more expensive than your traditional sugar cough drop (about 50 cents per drop). But they are also way more effective. I have instructed my children to tuck their drop into one cheek to help it last as long as possible, which they do, and it lasts at least half an hour--usually longer. My mom tried one the other day for the first time and it lasted her about three hours!

Yet another reason to love this amazing product. :)

(By the way, if you would like to try this or any other essential oil product, as a consultant I am happy to order it for you at the discounted price, you would just need to add on the cost of shipping.)

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Kyle, Amy, and Joshua said...

They're my favorite too!!!!!


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