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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yet Another Favorite Product in 2013

Back in April I wrote about finally starting my transition to safer cosmetics. I started with mascara-- since that was what was bothering me--and am happy to report that I stayed pleased with it. And even though the container is smaller than what I'm used to, it lasted me five months! Additionally, for the first time in my life, I think, I used the mascara all up before having to throw it away. So even though it cost triple the amount I'm used to, it was worth it on a few different levels.

Recently, when I ordered another mascara I decided it was time to also make the switch with eye shadow. I loved it on first application! Mineral eye shadow is way better than whatever that other stuff is I've been using (in a palette by Cover Girl). I never knew! And you get so much more in these stackable containers than you get in those palettes--2 grams, in fact. So I shouldn't have to buy more eye shadow for quite a while.

Realizing that I only have to buy cosmetics a couple times a year helps me feel even better about making this transition to safer, albeit more expensive, cosmetics. It feels good to know that I'm helping myself be healthier from the outside in and not just from the inside out. :)

If you are curious how your cosmetics rate on the toxicity scale, be sure to go to EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics website to find out. I loved discovering that I have options!


Rob & Emily Willardson Family said...

I found your link very interesting. I am glad to know most of the stuff I have been buying is relatively low in toxicity! Thanks for posting! I will revisit this again and again!

Katrina said...

You're ahead of me, then! My changes have had to be pretty drastic...but one thing at a time. :)


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